Where are you off to next?

It seems like more and more this is the question I’m asked. I’ve always traveled with my family growing up but the last few years I’ve caught the travel bug and can’t seem to shake it.

People often ask me how do I decide on where to go. I have a list of 25 or so countries plus cities in the U.S. that are on my must travel list but let’s be honest I go where the deals are. In mid-2016, I bought a deal to go to Dublin, Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day but as of then I didn’t have anything else planned for this year. It’s rare that I purposely book anything that far in advance, it’s usually what ever deal comes up that works with my travel dates and budget. Continue reading “Where are you off to next?”


A Weekend in Martinique

Last summer, I came across a great deal for Martinique on Norwegian. Norwegian launched nonstop flights starting at about $150 roundtrip from BWI, JFmartiniquebeachK, and BOS to Fort de France, Martinique beginning in December.

While most people were like where’s Martinique, I’d been familiar with the small island since I was in middle school when I had a penpal (geez, that makes me sound old) who was from the small island, so it had always been on my radar.

Leading up to the trip, I’d read various blogs and articles about Martinique with mixed reviews. Some people loved their experience,  Continue reading “A Weekend in Martinique”

Book Now, Ask Questions Later

Since this seems to be a growing trend, I figured I’d shed some light on this phenomenon. There are countless websites that report travel deals and every once in a while, they will post what we call a glitch fare. Just like it sounds, a glitch fare is a mistake made by an airline as it relates to pricing.

Sometfaregoneimes these glitch fares will only last for a few minutes, other times they will last for a few hours, which means when you see one you should book it immediately before the airline has a chance to correct their mistake.

It amazes me how many people don’t realize that since we live in the United States we are protected when it comes to purchasing airfare and cancelling Continue reading “Book Now, Ask Questions Later”