Let’s Talk Guatemala

IMG_1261So let’s talk about Guatemala. Shortly after the holidays, it was the Tuesday after in fact, I came across an amazing deal. It was a flight to Guatemala City from Dulles (VA), for only $124 roundtrip, inclusive of fees. Yes, I said $124. I can’t even fly to New York for that, so who would have ever thought I could fly to another country that’s almost 2,000 miles away for that much.

After doing some research and connecting with others who purchased the same great deal, I decided staying in Antigua would make the most sense. Antigua is a city about 45 minutes from the Guatemala City airport and has a fairly significant expat population, didn’t learn that its population is about 40% expat until we were there. Since a few of us were going for the same long weekend, we decided to rent a house through AirBnB. We decided on Casa Colibri, a home in a gated area about a 10 minute walk to Parque Central or the central area of town.

We did so much during our short time there so I’ve listed everything below. Continue reading “Let’s Talk Guatemala”


I don’t travel for work, I work to travel

Every time I tell someone I’m traveling internationally, their first question is always “Are you traveling for work?” I work in nonprofit, so no I don’t travel internationally for work. Not that it’s impossible, but it would be highly unlikely.

When people ask me where I’m going and I say, Turkey, Guatemala, Morocco, etc., 9 times out of 10 I’m met with a why? It’s usually a why are you going there? And to those people I answer back, why not?

Essaouira, Morocco

Even when I go out of the country, I get the same thing from strangers. Is it so hard to imagine someone wanting to go some place, where they have never been, just to go? Is it so wrong to want to see the world in my 30s before kids comes into the picture and traveling becomes a more arduous task? Continue reading “I don’t travel for work, I work to travel”

A Long Weekend in Panama

Let’s talk about Panama. I’d been thinking about taking a trip to Central America and narrowed it down to Panama, Costa Rica, and Honduras. I’d heard great things about all three but was undecided on which to choose. Literally no more than the day after having a conversation about the three countries, a deal popped up for Baltimore to Panama. I accepted that as my sign and booked my ticket.

Fast forward a month, and we arrived in Panama on a Friday evening severely delayed due to plane issues. We went to our hotel the American Trade Hotel which is centrally located in the Casco Viejo area of Panama City. The hotel offered old world charm with all of the modern conveniences. Continue reading “A Long Weekend in Panama”

Winter Holiday in Amsterdam

After a few days in Brussels, we took the train to Amsterdam. My advice, if first class is only a difference of say $20 definitely upgrade. First class included large, comfy assigned seats, a meal with wine, and free wifi.

We debated on going to the Heineken Experience but since I’m not a fan of beer, I figured House of Bols would be more my speed. It’s located near the Museumplein, the area where many of the larger museums are located. When you walked into the house, you begin a self-guide journey starting with the history of the brand.
The part I found the most interesting was the section where you sniff their over 30 types of liqueur and try to guess the flavor by scent. After exploring the house, there’s a kiosk that tells you which drink you would like based on a few very basic questions. The last step is the bar. Your tickets includes two full size cocktails, so you order one of the ones the machine suggests or have them make another cocktail with their many Bols liquers.

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