On Hiatus

Because life happens, I’ve decided to take a hiatus. In the meantime, all the best and happy travels! If you’re wondering, I’ll still be posting photos of my travels on my Tumblr site here.


United: 99 Problems and Customer Service is #1

Over the past few days, everyone, I mean everyone, has been talking about the dreadful experience one passenger had while seated on a United Airlines flight leaving out of Chicago O’Hare. By now, everyone has seen the horrifying video and disturbing photos. I’m sure Pepsi and Kendall Jenner are happy this incident took the spotlight off of them.

Still can’t believe it took United’s CEO days to issue an apology after he stood firm that what had occurred on that flight was not a problem. It took backlash from literally millions of people and losing around $950M in market value for him to see the error of his ways and finally apologize to this poor man. Continue reading “United: 99 Problems and Customer Service is #1”

My Secret to Packing Light

packlightOver the past ten years, I can literally count on my fingers the number of times I’ve checked a bag. It all started in 2005 when I went to Spain with my parents after Business School.

I packed a carry-on with an outfit and some toiletries for the flight and checked a large suitcase for our 2 week trip full of my cutest outfits with all the shoes and accessories to match. We arrived at baggage claim with our group and I waited and waited, no bag. Continue reading “My Secret to Packing Light”

Error Fare to African & Asian Countries ($225-400)

A few people texted me and others tagged me on Facebook posts. This amazing deal is still out there. Book now, ask questions later.

Here’s how to book…

Go to Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, etc..the deal is on Ethiopian Airlines.

Must select multicity:
12/17 LLW-BLZ
(The final leg is what we call a ghost leg…you’re not flying this one but you need it to get the correct pricing) Continue reading “Error Fare to African & Asian Countries ($225-400)”

Where are you off to next?

It seems like more and more this is the question I’m asked. I’ve always traveled with my family growing up but the last few years I’ve caught the travel bug and can’t seem to shake it.

People often ask me how do I decide on where to go. I have a list of 25 or so countries plus cities in the U.S. that are on my must travel list but let’s be honest I go where the deals are. In mid-2016, I bought a deal to go to Dublin, Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day but as of then I didn’t have anything else planned for this year. It’s rare that I purposely book anything that far in advance, it’s usually what ever deal comes up that works with my travel dates and budget. Continue reading “Where are you off to next?”

Arabian Nights…in Morocco (Pt 2)

Following up from the previous post.

Clearly we survived the road trip, since I’m still here to write about it. After a long day we met up with a herder to take a camel ride to our campsite for the night. Since it was approaching sunset, we were able to get some amazing shots as the sun went down and enjoyed the solitude of just the three of us and our camels. Side note, after riding a camel in Egypt I said I wouldn’t do it again. It’s definitely an experience but two times was definitely enough.

The campsite, although not glamping by any means, was way better than I anticipated. We had tents the size of a small bedroom with electricity and outlets. The bathrooms were actual bathrooms, not latrines. I was a Girl Scout so I was prepared to rough it if need be.

The dining room was a beautiful tent that reminded me of being in an actual Moroccan restaurant with all of the brightly colored fabrics and Berber carpets lining the walls and floors. Best part, the meal was tasty. We ended the night being entertained by the guys who worked the campsite, 2 tour guides, and the camel herder who all sang and played random instruments. Continue reading “Arabian Nights…in Morocco (Pt 2)”

Arabian Nights…in Morocco (Pt 1)

Recently, I was reminded I never posted about my trip to Morocco. So here we go…

From the time I was 10 years old and went to my first Moroccan restaurant in Washington, DC (RIP Marrakesh on New York Ave.), I was obsessed with the food and the culture. Okay, I can’t lie mainly the food.

Fast forward two decades, one of my girlfriends is Moroccan and from our very first conversation I told her I wanted to go to Morocco with her the next time she went. After a year of seeing “deals” comes and go and not finding any flights under $750, I figured I’d just put it off for a later time. Continue reading “Arabian Nights…in Morocco (Pt 1)”

2016: A Year In Review

This year has truly been the most epic as far as international travel is concerned. I still can’t believe I’ve been in 10 countries outside of the US (actually 11 if you count Portugal, but we didn’t have a chance to leave the airport.) This year I went on seven international trips, some with my husband and with my girlfriends, others solo and with my Aunt.

In January, I spent MLK weekend in Martinique. I went with my husband but ended up being there the same time as some friends from DC and a large group of my fellow Nomadness tribe members. We rented a catamaran with 40 of our new closest friends and spent the entire day sailing around the small French island. Continue reading “2016: A Year In Review”

All About Milan: Tips & Tricks

Since this is my second visit to Milan, I’m qualified to be an expert on the city right? Well not quite, but I’ve had the chance to experience a lot that the fashion capital of Italy has to offer.

Where do I stay?
First of all, in my opinion, you should stay somewhere close to the Milano Centrale station. Not only is it easily accessible from Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) but it’s a quick walk, metro, or tram ride across the city.

I’m a SPG girl so I’m all about staying in Starwood properties whenever possible, there are plenty in Milan to choose from. We’ve stayed in the Four Points by Sheraton three times now. The first two times last April and the first part of our trip this September we stayed in newly remodeled spacious rooms on an SPG designated floor. The last stay was booked under my Aunt, who does not have SPG status and we stayed on a lower floor that was straight out of the 60/70s. Continue reading “All About Milan: Tips & Tricks”