It’s My Birthday! Greetings from Sint Maarten.

As I type this, I’m sitting on our balcony at the Westin Dawn Beach listening to the roar of the ocean. This is such a peaceful island and our view couldn’t be any better. Thanks SPG for the oceanview upgrade.

There was quite storm last night but everything’s good now. You’ll notice in the photo above one of the cabanas fell down. The winds were pretty strong last night, but everyone here was unfazed so we weren’t either. Continue reading “It’s My Birthday! Greetings from Sint Maarten.”


Summer, Summer, Summer time

This summer has seriously flown by. After Cuba, I thought I’d be fine not doing anything else until my next trip to Italy/Hungary with my Aunt in September but hey things change.

As a child, I spent each birthday in a different part of the country attending annual attorney conventions with my parents that always fell around my birthday. Since I’ve been an adult for some reason I’ve remained close to home and usually just do an intimate dinner with friends to celebrate. This year I’ve decided to spend my birthday with my amazing husband on the island of Saint Maarten. We’re going for 5 days/4 nights and I couldn’t be more excited.

Typically, I like to plan every last detail on trips because I have a serious fear of missing out, but this time I’m going to do what normal people do and actually vacation. Of course, being who I am I couldn’t have absolutely no plans so I booked a catamaran day trip to the island of Anguilla and a couples massage for my birthday. Other than that, we’ve booked a car and I’m looking forward to exploring the French and Dutch sides of the island at our leisure. Nine days and counting…

Photo from Carnival’s website