It’s My Birthday! Greetings from Sint Maarten.

As I type this, I’m sitting on our balcony at the Westin Dawn Beach listening to the roar of the ocean. This is such a peaceful island and our view couldn’t be any better. Thanks SPG for the oceanview upgrade.

There was quite storm last night but everything’s good now. You’ll notice in the photo above one of the cabanas fell down. The winds were pretty strong last night, but everyone here was unfazed so we weren’t either.

But anywho, so far we’ve spent time at Dawn Beach (our hotel is on it so that only makes sense), Oyster Point (breakfast at Mr. Busby’s and dinner at Canoa, I’ll talk about our meals later.), Simpson Bay, and took a boat to a majestic secluded beach call Prickly Pear on the island of Anguilla.
Yesterday, we made it to the French side of the island (Saint Martin) trekked to Marigot and even Orient Beach for dinner. Thanks our friend at One Chicklette for the recommendation of going to Le Piment for dinner. Once we caught a glimpse of our starter, The Piment Platter, we knew we made the right decision to drive here.

It’s amazing how much different the two halves of the island are. The Dutch side feels like your typical Caribbean island. While the French feels so European. Most people are bilingual but you mostly hear French spoken and everyone seemed to be walking around with their fresh ingredients for dinner in hand, including fresh baguettes, of course. Even the pace of the meals on the French side are so much more relaxing. Oh and they also accept Euro, or USD if you have it.

So back to the initial point of this post. Today’s my birthday!!! We have a couples massage and dinner planned on the French side today. This morning, I’m enjoying a cocktail on our balcony and trying to even out my tan (yes, brown girls like to tan too ☺️) before we begin our next voyage around the island.

To be continued…

(photo from Prickly Pear in Anguilla)


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