A Parisian State of Mind

Last year TAP Portugal, was offering flights from NY to many destinations in Europe for only $285 roundtrip. Of course I jumped right on that deal. Initially I booked a few trips, one of which was to Lisbon, Portugal which I ended up cancelling the next day. We’ll save that story for another day.

I’d only been to Paris once for a day trip, it was many years ago while visiting London with my Aunt. We took the train between cities and jam-packed as much as we could into one day including seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, Eiffel Tour, and Notre Dame. I figured it was about time to go back and really get a taste of Paris. Besides, what better way to celebrate a wedding anniversary than to spend it in the City of LoveContinue reading “A Parisian State of Mind”


Where are you off to next?

It seems like more and more this is the question I’m asked. I’ve always traveled with my family growing up but the last few years I’ve caught the travel bug and can’t seem to shake it.

People often ask me how do I decide on where to go. I have a list of 25 or so countries plus cities in the U.S. that are on my must travel list but let’s be honest I go where the deals are. In mid-2016, I bought a deal to go to Dublin, Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day but as of then I didn’t have anything else planned for this year. It’s rare that I purposely book anything that far in advance, it’s usually what ever deal comes up that works with my travel dates and budget. Continue reading “Where are you off to next?”