Where are you off to next?

It seems like more and more this is the question I’m asked. I’ve always traveled with my family growing up but the last few years I’ve caught the travel bug and can’t seem to shake it.

People often ask me how do I decide on where to go. I have a list of 25 or so countries plus cities in the U.S. that are on my must travel list but let’s be honest I go where the deals are. In mid-2016, I bought a deal to go to Dublin, Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day but as of then I didn’t have anything else planned for this year. It’s rare that I purposely book anything that far in advance, it’s usually what ever deal comes up that works with my travel dates and budget.

In April, I’ll be headed to Santiago de Chile. Of course, I scored an amazing deal in January (think under $220 RT). This will only be my second country in South America (went to Colombia last April) and I’m look forward to seeing much more. Still debating on taking a weekend side trip to either Peru (to visit Machu Picchu) or Argentina (to Buenos Aires for a tango lesson) while down there. Decisions, decisions.

After that my next planned international trip, won’t be until September when my girls and I head to Beijing, China. This will be our first voyage to the Orient. I’m sure we won’t plan anything for that trip until late spring, early summer but I’m hoping to also make a few other stops while there, namely to Shanghai, China, Tokyo, Japan, and possibly Taipei, Taiwan.

With the current job situation, my vacation isn’t as flexible but I anticipate having room for another trip ideally a long weekend in Iceland and some place warm maybe Costa Rica, Belize, or Barbados. If an amazing deal pops up for South Africa, Kenya, or Portugal, I’ll be adding those to the list.

As for domestic travel, so far I’ve been to a few repeats New Orleans (my absolute favorite city in the world, seriously) and San Francisco. Heading to Atlanta (my second home) in a couple of weeks and I hope to make it to Charleston (SC), Martha’s Vineyard (MA), and Phoenix/Scottsdale (AZ) by the end of the year.

My goal is to reach 40 countries by 40, and I don’t have much time left. Here’s to another year of travel.

What’s on your list for 2017? Where are you off to next?


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